You can kick-start the essay by writing what a family is and the number of members in your family. You can then give a detailed description of one member whom you love the most. If you have a sibling, describe your fights, the fun activities you share and do you have a common interest with them and how well you people get along with each other. Are you the partner in crime siblings or the complaining sibling. Sharing interesting information with the readers will captivate their interest and they will start showing interest in your family as well. Writing about your parent’s professional life and the designation they hold will only bore the reader to the core. Instead, you can give instances where your father and mother have become your best friend. Answer questions like Do they play with you? How do they treat you? Is the treatment different from your sibling? How often do they buy you gifts? How often you go for a family outing? Share any instance, you feel might develop an interest in the audience.

A family essay is incomplete if you have not mentioned about your paternal or maternal grandparents. Grandparents are an important source of information and a learning center. Recollect your memories as a child with them and elaborate on the time you have spent with them. Tell the readers your favorite story, which was narrated by your grandmother or grandfather. Also, share information on how you used to spend time with your grandfather. Was is restricted only to playing games or he even used to take you for small trips with him? Did your grandparents teach you a skill, which you use frequently in your day to day life? Readers love to read about enriching and life-changing experiences.

You can include the details of your parents and grandparents, but restrict the professional or academic details to one paragraph because you have other precious and important things to discuss.

You can also include the traditions, festivals, and culture of your relatives. Weddings in different cultures are performed in a different way, you can give details of the ritual for such an auspicious occasion is short. Given a brief description of the values and morals followed will help the reader understand the family in a much better way. Discussion on the role model or ideal is also a part of such a write-up.

What should you avoid?
The sole purpose of writing a family essay is to familiarize the reader with your relatives. However, detailing and writing negative things about your parents or other members is a strict NO. You can tell your relatives are conservative, but giving details and telling everyone that they do not allow girls to go out of the house is not necessary. Giving irrelevant information, for the sake of increasing the word count is not required. Short and crisp write-up on the relatives is sufficient.

How to conclude?

The conclusion of this essay type is as important as the beginning. Include the greatest thing about your relatives, tell the readers you love them and why your family is unique. Summarize the important points and ensure repetition is avoided. Ending such as ‘My family is the best thing that has ever happened to me’ or ‘I do not know where I would be without their support’ leaves an impression of love and closeness in the minds of the readers.

Additional tip

Before beginning to compose, collect pictures, documents or letters which can trigger memories of the past. In this way, you will never miss out a relevant detail and would be able to share interesting incidents with the readers. Recollect all the hills and valleys your relative has experienced because that is how families grow and bond with each other. Discuss with your parents on information, which can be included in the essay to make it more interesting and captivating. Elderly help always comes in handy.

Moreover, ensure that the essay is read over and over again to eliminate grammatical and spelling errors.

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